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How much money was bet on the mayweather mcgregor fight daily double betting horse

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Floyd Money’ Mayweather will face Conor Notorious’ McGregor on the of August on T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Mayweather will make a comeback from retirement just to try to make his unbeatable record Where To Bet On Mayweather vs McGregor Fight. For those of us, who will be watching the fight at home, or in best case scenario, in a bar, we have an amazing choice of online bookmakers.

This is certainly much more secure and easy way to bet, without risking problems with a payout. You have more chances of winning and pocketing money if you place bets on lesser-known odds, such as particular rounds or a method of winning. Some of the odds for the fight are outrageous, but so is the fight itself. Will Floyd Mayweather's fight against Conor McGregor make more money than his bout with Manny Pacquiao in?

Darren Rovell breaks down all angles of the projected finances.

That's why Avello says betting on the fight will generate a total handle of less than half Mayweather-Pacquiao. Adding up all the major money categories, Mayweather-McGregor will give the historical super fight, Mayweather-Pacquiao, a run for its money, but it will fall short.

When all is tallied up, from all the categories, Mayweather's fight against Pacquiao will be worth million more overall. Total for Mayweather-Pacquiao million Projected total for Mayweather-McGregor million. Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather faced a lot of controversy over its merit, sporting integrity and point.

But one thing is not up for debate the fight is going to make everyone involved an enormous amount of money. Floyd Mayweather has been so happy to flash and splash the cash down the years that 'Money' is his non-literal middle name. His habit of posting pictures of himself on Instagram surrounded by wads of cash will likely continue after this victory, perhaps with even large piles of notes.

Mayweather's fight with Manny Pacquiao in May broke all sorts of pay-per-vie. The legal wagering on the fight is expected to top the 60 million bet on Mayweather's battle with Manny Pacquiao. According to Jay Rood, MGM's vice president of race and sports, Mayweather is the betting public's favorite. A winning bet on the boxer will net a gambler about 13 in winnings, while the same wager on McGregor will yield Most individual bettors in Las Vegas are backing McGregor, with bets on the fighter averaging, compared with an average wager of 8, on Mayweather.

That means bookmakers will take a beating if McGregor prevai. Floyd Mayweather is headed for another mega-payday, potentially pushing his career earnings to 1 billion. Ten-figures is rarefied air for sports stars with only Michael Jordan billion and Tiger Woods billion making the cut.

Mayweather earned roughly million for his Pacquiao fight, which broke every financial boxing record, including million PPV buys and more than million in gross revenue across all revenue streams. The current betting line in Las Vegas for PPV buys for Mayweather-McGregor is million per Bovada. Mayweather retired in after an eight-year run as the biggest star in boxing. After defeating Andre Berto in Sept. Mayweather-McGregor is certainly something different, a rare accomplishment in a sport as old and as storied as boxing.

While the closest historical comparison may be to the fight between Muhammad Ali and Antonio Inoki, even that is a bit of a stretch. "It will probably be bigger than the Super Bowl as far as how much money we're going to take on it." The first betting line that ever appeared on the internet for this fight was a comical, a line so absurd that sportsbooks normally wouldn't even bother offering it, both because it would tell bettors "this is hopeless," but also in fear that the favorite could suffer a freak injury.

Quickly, though, it got down to, and then by the time the fight was announced. Whereas Conor McGregor might have made somewhere close to and UFC charged some percentage of his purse, which takes his earnings lower.

Why did they match a weaker Tenshin against Mayweather when we already knew Conor McGregor couldn't beat Mayweather? The fight ended so quickl Who should I bet on in the Mayweather vs McGregor fight? Does Conor McGregor have any real chances of winning his match vs. In which boxing fight did Floyd Mayweather have the hardest time? After losing to Mayweather, who in box.

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How much money are they going to make? Mayweather is guaranteed million and McGregor 30 million, according to Nevada State Athletic Commission figures reported by ESPN. But that’s the minimum payout.

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Both men will get a share of the profits, which should be significant. Figure on more than million for Mayweather and more than million for McGregor. The Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao megafight in got more than four million buyers, making it the No.

With popularity of McGregor and his mixed-martial arts fan base, many feel. Silly question, especially if your name is Floyd Mayweather. The boxer who makes Las Vegas his home has often shared images of how big his bets pay off on social media and, just before a fight against Conor McGregor that he said would bring him around US million, he was so confident of his impending victory that he tried to get a little more action.

There’s no law preventing fighters from betting on themselves and, even at 40 and almost two years removed from his last fight, Mayweather was going into Saturday night’s fight against an Ultimate Fight Champion.

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Floyd 'Money' Mayweather takes on Conor McGregor in Las Vegas on Saturday. The fight is set to be one of the richest in history, despite claims it is a mismatch. UK Bookmakers have already seen a record m of money bet on the clash. 'It's captured the imagination like we have never seen before' - Betfair's Barry Orr. By Daniel Matthews For Mailonline. Both Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather have said that they want their fight to happen and Dana White has just revealed how much the two would make. Mayweather wins the fight by stoppage!

Beats Conor McGregor in Round T.K.O.

Floyd Mayweather Jr., the face of boxing for more than a decade, punctuated a stellar, yet controversial career with a technical knockout over first-time professional boxer Conor McGregor on Saturday night. In the round of a surprisingly well-matched fight, Mayweather backed McGregor onto the ropes with a series of rights and lefts.

McGregor’s face was red with blood. When he failed to defend himself anymore, the referee had to intervene to stop the fight with remaining in the round.

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How Much Will Mayweather Make? Floyd Mayweather is the figurehead of The Money Team. As he demonstrated in the first press conference, where he took a, cheque from his backpack, he loves to flaunt his cheques, his cars, and his winning betting slips. Has been adamant that it would take another nine-figure payday to get him out of retirement after his match with Manny Pacquiao. According to Keith Idec of Boxing Scene, the financial guarantee for his fight against Conor McGregor was high enough that not even the wealthy boxer could refuse.

Bookmakers everywhere are offering lots of betting markets on the fight, from who will win, to how it will be won. You can bet on the match whether you’re from the US, or elsewhere. But how much they win or lose depends on the betting odds for the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, which have changed dramatically since they were first recorded.

Mayweather has an inhuman record in boxing matches, while McGregora mixed martial arts and UFC fighterhas not fought any pure boxing matches professionally.

That imbalance has made Mayweather a massive favorite, but since the fight date was announced in June, the odds have tightened.

If the moneyline value for an outcomelike the winner of a boxing matchis negative, it tells you how much money you need to put in to win So if it’s, a winning bet would make you i.e., you would walk home with in your pocket. How much money will the Mayweather vs McGregor fight make? The fight looks set to see McGregor more than double his net worth, firmly establishing him as one of the biggest superstars in world sport.

And McGregor is also expected to sign a raft of new sponsorship deals on the back of participating in a record-breaking fight with PPV king Mayweather. But what is his estimated net worth? And exactly how much money does he stand to make by fighting Mayweather? Here, we tell you everything you need to know about McGregor’s extraordinary financial muscle. But many may ask, how much money can they make betting on the Mayweather vs.

First of all, when Mayweather fought Manny Pacquiao back in, the fight had more than million pay-per-view guys, generating more than million in revenue. Those figures nearly doubled the previous record for PPV buys and more than doubled the mark for highest PPV revenue.I think it was something we knew we would beat the prior record, but we didn’t have any reasonable expectation that it would exceed it by as much as it did, Top Rank chairman Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s promoter, said then.

We were confident it would go over 3 million PPV buys, maybe do million on the outside.

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Amid his victory over MMA fighter Conor McGregor, there has been speculation over how much money Floyd Mayweather Jr. The Nevada State Athletic Commission announced that Mayweather would get a minimum of million for the fightwin or lose, MMA Fighting reported.

However, as Mayweather is co-promoting the event with the UFC, he may earn as much as million for the event. After total Pay-Per-View and ticket sales are accounted for, the number will only increase. More conservative estimates online say he’ll make anywhere from million to million. Saturday’s fight may not be a classic but income from tickets, TV sales, sponsorship and betting will make it one of the most lucrative in history. What is a purse and how much is it for Mayweather and McGregor?

The purse is the amount that both fighters make, regardless of the financial success of the fight through ticket sales and pay-per-view purchases.

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Even if zero fans watched the fight between Mayweather and McGregor on Saturday night, the two already have huge amounts headed their way.

According to documents obtained by MMA Fighting, Mayweather is guaranteed a million disclosed purse for the fight, while McGregor will take home 30 million. Both Mayweather and McGregor have a promotional stake in the fight Saturday. That means their total income from the bout depends on how many people decide to pay to watch. The best guess it will be a whole lot.

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Floyd Mayweather would have won the bet if he would have actually placed it himself. No matter how you feel about the spectacle that was the Conor McGregor-Floyd Maywather fight, you have to admit that McGregor performed better than most expected. But not from the Vegas books' perspective. Before the fight, the overunder for the length of the fight was set at rounds. Since Mayweather won by TKO in the round, anyone who bet the under took home money on Saturday night.

One of those people could have been Mayweather himself were it not for some confusion and a delay at the sportsbook. According to ESPN's David Purdum, Mayweather tried to place a, bet o. Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight More than four million buys were made for Mayweather?s. Prevail upon Pacquiao, acquiring about million in income.

In the event that Mayweather and McGregor. Reaching out 1 billion usd is already too huge and as you ask maybe they dont really earn on betting industry correct me if im wrong usually they do make some money on sponsors. Im really bit excited on this fight and hope they would really entertain and not to break expectations from their fans. Crowd is more in equal when it comes to supporters on each side.I dont know which would i choose. View the box betting lines on McGregor vs Mayweather on the Money Fight.

McGregor on the other hand is obviously more suited to the aggressive style of MMA fighting and generally attacks his opponents early on. Alright, let’s cut to the chase. Almost every major online bookmaker is currently offering betting lines on the match winner, number of rounds, method of victory etc.

We’ll be focusing on the best odds found on boxing betting sites. When it comes to the match winner, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is hotly tipped to emerge victorious, not only due to his undefeated record throughout his career. But mainly because Conor McGregor is less experienced in boxing. Touted as the "The Money Fight", the fight between these two champs certainly deserves the hype it is gett [ ] Can Mayweather keep his no-loss record or does McGregor even have the chance?

We all will be able to find that out on August 26, There is no doubt that Mayweather is the current favorite to win the bout. However, those who are not a big fan of the boxing genius will surely be putting their money on McGregor. But since this will be his debut match and that he is not a full-fledged boxer yet, many are skeptic as to his chances of winning.

Want to place a few bets on this fight? Check out our betting section on usatomorrow.us for the best bonuses! Betting News Comment on this news.

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The fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. And Conor McGregor is likely to be one of the highest grossing in history. The event is projected to bring in million, according to ESPN the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight in brought in million. And as with all major sporting events, fans can bet on just about everything affiliated with it.

In the fight, which will take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada, on August 26, McGregor, 29, a Mixed Martial Arts fighter in his first professional boxing match, will face Mayweather, 40, who is as a professional boxer. Journalists' McGregor v Mayweather predictions, free betting tips, bookmaker offers and live streaming information.

McGregor v Mayweather predictions.

Leading boxing journalists shared their views on the fight. Here's their McGregor v Mayweather predictions David Anderson, Daily Mirror. "First things first, this is not a great sporting event. "It is two of sport's greatest self-publicists coming together to see how many millions they can make through pure hype. "A great fight was Anthony Joshua against Wladimir Klitschko which proved to be an epic event, which lived up to the hype.

As a contest, this will come nowhere near that. "For all of Conor McGregor's brash talk, he. Mayweather and McGregor will combine to earn million in guarantees, making their main event the most expensive ever. But Mayweather-McGregor remained nameless until late during fight week, when emcees at events promoting the bout bestowed the name that makes the most sense.

Because money made this fight happen, money has been changing hands in Las Vegas all week, and money is the main objective. It certainly isn’t a title bout. Mayweather vacated his various boxing championships when he retired in, and McGregor has never boxed professionally. Just how much cash each fighter would gross was open to speculation until Friday night, when the combatants’ guarantees were revealed.

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The Money Fight winner is likely to earn a whopping million. Mayweather earns about million before throwing a single punch - from branding and sponsorship on his shorts robe and caps. The winner will get the Money Belt a glitzy item made of alligator leather and studded with 3 diamonds sapphires emeralds and kg of solid carat gold. If you are betting on when the fight is going to end the odds of McGregor win the fight in the last round are 811.

Most bookies are going with Mayweather taking it in the seventh round at 131.

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The odds are in favour of a punch being thrown in the first 10 seconds at 1 the odds against a punch being thrown in the first 10 seconds are 1. Dan Bilzerian made a small fortune betting on Floyd Mayweather to win his fight against Conor McGregor. If you were one of the poor suckers who bet on Conor McGregor to beat Floyd Mayweather last weekend, congratulations, you got the end result you deserved.

All the wish fulfillment in the world was not going to change what we all tuned in to watch an all-time great boxer outclassing a relative amateur in the sport. But hey, some of you were wise enough to lay down some money on Mayweather!

Bilzerian has a ton of capital to fall back on, but investing that much money in a one-off event would have me pulling my hair out at the first sign of trouble. And this isn't even the first time he's considered such a huge wager on a Mayweather fight. Dana White is preparing for negotiations to make the Conor McGregor versus Floyd Mayweather fight a reality with a ton of money at stake for everybody involved. White expects to hammer out details with McGregor in the coming days before sitting down with Mayweather’s side to hopefully come to an agreement on what could be one of the most profitable prize fights of all time.

I think we get the McGregor side done in the next couple of days and then I go lock myself in a room for a couple days with Team Mayweather and see what we can come out with, White told The Herd on Wednesday. The smart money seems to be careening in on Mayweather in ways that we’ve never seen before.

Sportsbooks in Las Vegas are taking in 1 million bets on Mayweather’s side of the line, which should cause seismic shifts in the numbers. But a huge cavalcade of McGregor’s supporter’s are keeping things relatively steady.

usatomorrow.us has projected that the McGregor-Mayweather superfight will earn more than 5 million pay-per-view buys by setting the OVER at versus an UNDER of, meaning that the former is more likely to happen. The gravity of McGregor alone is enough to drive an oddsmaker absolutely insane because the volume of action on this fight is enormous. He has people coming in droves to bet on a boxing fight for the first time in their lives.

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Anyone have money on the MayweatherMcGregor Fight? Followers Anyone have money on the MayweatherMcGregor Fight? By sourc3code, August 26, in Sports Betting.

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So anyone have any money on either side for the fight today? I've currently got money on Mayweather. The odds are obviously much better for him than McGregor, but if youre betting on McGregor you'll be making a lot more straight up. Was just wondering if anyone here has any official bets on the fight, and if so what did you bet on straight up, KO after xx rounds, etc?

If you did bet on the fight, good luck! Even though we all know Mayweather is already winner. Gokhan Saki is putting his money where his mouth is for Conor McGregor vs. By Oscar Willis - 21 Jun And, while bookies are showing an influx of betting on the Irishman since the fight’s announcement, not many gambles reach five figures not that Saki considers it a gamble. Speaking to usatomorrow.us, Saki revealed why he believes the UFC lightweight champion will shock the world in August, and defeat the man who many consider to be the best defensive boxer ever to have lived.

Since the fight was revealed to be taking place, there has naturally been much discussion on how McGregor’s MMA striking will translate over to boxing. The most McGregor has earned from a single UFC fight was the confirmed 3 million he earned from UFC That was only the reported fight purse, but 75 million from a single bout will be a massive jump in revenue for McGregor.

White has already insisted that a fight announcement was nowhere near being confirmed despite McGregor teasing fans this week. And how big the ring is a lot of different things you can negotiate as far as the fight goes. The Conor side, we’re good on the Conor side.

I need to figure out the Mayweather side, and maybe it can’t be figured out. Maybe the other side can’t be done, but we’ll see. I promised Conor I’d do everything I could to make this thing happen, so that’s what I’m going to do.’. With this fight expected to bring in even more money, Mayweather is likely to walk away with a gigantic paycheck. His opponent, the year-old Irish MMA fighter, is guaranteed 30 million, which is the largest of his career as well.

Again, with profits, he is expected to make around million for the battle. The two began their face-off during their weigh-in on Friday, August Mayweather was well under weight at lbs, whereas McGregor cut the lb limit closer, weighing in at lbs. He said he expected to rehydrate to closer to lbs in time for the fight, saying, [I’ll be].

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But the question remains Will the Mayweather-McGregor fight come close to the precedent set by Mayweather-Pacquiao? We would love to set a new record, Espinoza said. Criticism is already being levied at Mayweather-McGregor, with most saying the fight will be incredibly one-sided given the fact that McGregor is going into the fight with no professional boxing experience. We’ve been wrong many times before, all of us so-called experts in sports, Espinoza said.

I think the one thing that is attractive about combat sports is the unpredictability. Listen Why Debmar-Mercury Is Betting on Nick Cannon, 'Schitt's Creek' and Syndication. They put their homes up as collateral to finance the business in its infancy more than 15 years ago.

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If Mayweather’s defence holds and he is able to absorb the punches, McGregor will be wide open for a counter-attack later in the fight, particularly if he tires. When he strikes, Mayweather will land punches and there are doubts about whether McGregor is strong enough to take them. If you are looking for a bet on the overunder in terms of rounds, then most bookmakers have priced these up similarly. However, Unibet are offering better odds than most others if you want to bet on an over e.g.

Betting that the fight will last over rounds while bet are heading the market for betting on an under e.g. If you think the fight will last less than that. Mayweather would not be taking this fight on if he and his team didn’t think he can win it and his ring-nous has to give him the edge.

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There's much more to sports betting than just picking a winner. Undefeated and current UFC lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov is the favorite in the fight, which means you will win less than the amount you wager if you bet on Khabib to win.

Conversely, you can win more than your wager by betting on the underdog McGregor. Right now, Khabib is a favorite and McGregor is a + underdog on Bovada. Those lines mean you need to bet to win for a Khabib victory and bet to win for a McGregor victory.

There are plenty of other ways - prop bets - to wager on the fight.

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McGregor and Mayweather stand to earn a lot of money. More money than anyone would ever realistically need in their life. Unless your nickname is 'money'. But according to the best estimates of some of the top analysts in the game, there's well over million at play for Conor McGregor around million US is out best guess with around million for Mayweather if he plays his cards right.

The gate is a relatively stable prediction of between 70 and 80 million, but the uptake from fans on a Pay-Per-View level will be the clincher. That's the real clincher, and true boxing fans are where the huge money is, as shown by the Mayweather Pacquiao fight.

Will the fight top the mark set by the two megastars in? Can it be the billion-dollar bout it's been touted as.

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McGregor Mayweather face off weigh in. Floyd Mayweather and Conor usatomorrow.us MillerGetty Images. Just hours before Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor finally enter the ring and face off, the odds on the fight are still moving rapidly, and not in the direction the sportsbooks expected.

As the fight grew closer and more high-rollers flew into the city, casinos presumed that a number of six- and seven-figure bets on Mayweather would come in and help offload some of their heavy McGregor liability. For a moment this was true, with a number of million dollar bets on the favorite appearing to indicate the lowest point Mayweather's odds would reach people who bet that much money usually know the right time to get the best number.

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If the presidency and the fight didn’t prove that people are driven by emotion nothing will notice we don’t talk about politics anymore because there isn’t money to be made. The real move here is for a fight between Paulie Malignaggi and Conor McGregor. Since they now have a clean beef with fake footage and outrage from Paulie, your average consumer would pay for the fight.

If I were betting on a high-altitude race, I’d bet on the Tibetian or Nepalese as they actually have proteins in their blood to allow them to more effectively use the thinner, lower oxygen air at higher altitudes. Bet biology when you know it carries an advantage. That isn’t racist maybe it is?, it’s logical.

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The Mayweather vs Conor McGregor showdown is going to be quite something. Here's everything you need to know. With other fights on the undercard, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when the first bell will ring. No doubt there will be more charades and rowdy behaviour whilst both fighters make their way to the ring, but will be the earliest the fight can start. Outright winner and result Mayweather decimal, 27 fractional, 72 percentage A R bet on Mayweather would win you R back.

McGregor Decimal, 135 fractional, 25 percentage A R bet on McGregor would win you R back.

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Mayweather v McGregor free bets, enhanced odds, no deposit bonus and betting offers - We are collecting the best bookmaker promotions on the McGregor v Mayweather fight. Make easy money on the Money Fight!

The fight of the century is just around the corner and we have picked out our favourite betting offers on the Mayweather v McGregor fight! This page contains all the best bookmaker free bets, enhanced odds and betting offers on the "MayMac" fight.

We will update this page periodically, so bookmark it and come back soon! Mayweather v mcgregor free bets, promotions no deposit bonus.

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Mayweather, who goes by the nickname Money and licenses a slogan, The Money Team, on merchandise, frequently flaunts his wealth on his social-media accounts. That often includes showing off huge amounts of cash, as well as expensive cars and massive wagers on sports events. Monday also brought word that the Mayweather-McGregor fight pay-per-view will cost, plus an extra 10 to watch it in high definition.

That is the same amount as was charged for the Pacquiao fight, which left many viewers feeling very unhappy, given the desultory nature of that contest, won by Mayweather in a unanimous decision. Fight fans can only hope that the McGregor bout offers more excitement, even if the Irishman comes in as a major underdog.

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I wanna bet heavy on the fight but in the back of my mind I'm always thinking about the possibility of a fix. I seriously doubt it's going to happen but not impossible. If I were sure against, I'd put a lot of money on Mayweather. 2 years ago QUOTE 0 Good 0 No Good! Economist a Question is how much money you want to put up when you have even a 5 or 10 chance of losing it overnight.

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The odds that Mayweather-McGregor goes the distance currently sits at against per usatomorrow.us, implying a 69 likelihood that the fight doesn’t reach the final bell.

But Schaub remains confident, saying that if anyone is going to get knocked out on Aug. If anyone’s gonna get knocked out it’s Floyd. I promise you Conor will not get knocked out.

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Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are ready for The fight of the century’, however, this fight is mainly about one thing Money. However, the fight on Saturday night will probably not be the fight of the century, whether we look back or forward to the current century.

Actually, this fight is mainly about one thing Money. All records are expected to be broken in this event, from the total revenues that have been estimated to reach around million, the insane amount that both fighters will gross of the income, and the rising inflation in tickets’ price.

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Conor McGregor has options after losing to Floyd Mayweather. McGregor’s most recent UFC pay was 3 million a fight before adding in an untold amount of pay-per-view revenue.

Forbes suggested that his estimated take from recent fights could be up around 10 million, but that’s a very optimistic view. He got a 1 million paycheck from the UFC for the first time in March He made 3 million in his rematch against Nate Diaz and another million allegedly from his cut of the Pay Per View money.

McGregor will easily clear more for his boxing match against Floyd Mayweather than he did in his entire mixed martial arts career up to this point. And it will take him more than a few UFC fights to catch up to his boxing earnings.

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Is the most successful fighter in boxing history. If he doesn’t make another hundred million betting on the fight one way or another, he will still walk away with more than 60 million for facing the single most ill-equipped, unprepared opponent a championship-caliber fighter has ever found in the opposite corner. Every wiseguy who has ever engineered a Help Yourself money grab is shaking his head in stunned admiration. A lot of the money is going to be spent wagering on Conor McGregor to beat Floyd Mayweather, Jr., and it will be inspired by white longing.

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How much moolah is on the line. The superstar boxer, Floyd Money Mayweather has been known to carry a million dollars in cash when he’s out in public and openly flaunts it. Looking at what Mayweather earned when fighting Manny Pacquiao in, we get an idea of how much the fight purse is. TV revenue alone was said to have passed million, with Mayweather walking away with a cool million from that fight alone.

If the pay-per-view revenue follows the trend of Mayweather-Pacquiao bout, the winner of The Money Fight could walk away with around million.

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Well, probably not as much as Conor McGregor might like. The Irish UFC champion speculated that the bout could be the first billion dollar fight in the history of the world, which would be impressive indeed considering the current title holder for biggest fight, Mayweather vs.

Pacquiao, earned an estimated million in revenue. That number comes from ESPN, and they did a similar estimate on how much money Conor McGregor vs. One last thing to keep in mind when talking about how much McGregor will make for the Floyd Mayweather fight the UFC is going to end up taking a decent chunk of money from his side of the equation. We don’t know exactly how much, but it could be 25 million or higher.

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However, a bet placed on Mayweather gets you I'd say Mayweather wins by decision and Mcgregor would need a knock out to steal the win. 9 Aug 27, VinLark This Machine Used To Kill Bourgeois Sentimentality.

I watch both ufc and boxing but have no interest in this event, boxing is easily the most riggedfixed event disguised as a sport that there ever was. Mayweather will "win" by running and running away with a lot of money and not throwing punches like he usually does.

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It’s not clear how much Bilzerian staked on his new best friend’ Mayweather in order to get back what he calls a small victory’. The betting market for the fight was massive, reports from sportsbooks and bookmakers across the globe calling it the most-bet fight of all time’, with roughly 16 out of every 17 bets going on the Irishman. The smart money, not a phrase often associated with Bilzerian to be honest, was on Mayweather however and the bookies made a killing.

Bilzerian may use some of his new-found pocket change to splash out on his latest acquisition, his first monogamous relationship girlfriend - model Sofia Bevarly. In true romantic fashion Bilzerian explained how they got together "Yeah.

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While McGregor is a tremendously talented mixed martial artist, he’s not being given much chance in this boxing match with Mayweather. The majority of fans and pundits seem to be leaning toward a dominant Mayweather win. That said, there are some notable members of the community who do foresee some success for McGregor, such as former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub.

Schaub weighed in on the fight in a recent interview on The Kicker and even went so far as to bet a dick pic on McGregor’s success. [McGregor]’s gonna land multiple punches, Schaub said ht usatomorrow.us.

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If Mayweather loses this fight the high stakes poker scene is going to become the mid stakes poker scene. David Peat also posted a tweet comparing a Mayweather loss to Black Friday, saying it would be even worse for poker. While the majority of the bets in Las Vegas were placed on McGregor, more money was on Mayweather. It seems that the vast majority of the high stakes poker community also went with the favorite, and it paid off big time.

How Would You Bet on the Mayweather vs McGregor Fight.

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