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Tuesday 12st, February 6:30:14 Am
The Ed Show - ROMNEY: 'My Job Is Not To Worry About Those People."


Mitt Romney offers Rick Perry 10, bet in latest Republican presidential debate - The Telegraph 51. Mitt Romney offers Rick Perry 10, bet in latest Republican presidential debate - The Telegraph 51. Mitt Romney shows the struggling people of America that he feels their pain by making a small "10," personal bet with Perry. New video loaded Mitt Romney Suggests a 10, Bet.

None None December 10, Mitt Romney suggests a 10, bet with Rick Perry. During the ABCNews Republican debate on December Romney challenged Rick Perry to a 10, dollar debate. You can watch the full debate usatomorrow.usbit. The bet comes up at around the minute mark.

Click here to comment on this video usatomorrow.us For more buzz, gaffes, debates and election news visit usatomorrow.us. Rick Perry and Mitt Romney spar on health care. "Mister Romney's Neighborhood" Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Recommended for you.

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According to PolitiFact, Romney would have won the bet, since Perry’s claim that the first edition of Romney’s book endorsed a Massachusetts individual health care mandate as a model for the nation is mostly false." And in that case, if Perry had acknowledged the loss and handed over 10,ok, maybe that's a heroic assumption-the cash would have been taxable to Romney as ordinary income at a 35 federal and Massachusetts state rate.

Hence Perry spared Romney a 4, tax bill. Of course in theory, any gambling losses Romney had during could be claimed as itemized dedu. Democrats and Republicans alike are accusing Mitt Romney of being out of touch after he said during this weekend's debate that he would make a 10, bet with Rick Perry even as millions of Americans struggle to make ends meet in a troubled eco.

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Too bad for Perry - Tex could have picked up a quick 10K.

Debate Saturday night, Mitt Romney wagered he doesn't have a record that supports an individual mandate for national health care. Too bad for Perry - Tex could have picked up a quick 10K. Media captionMitt Romney offers up a 10, bet to Rick Perry - Clip courtesy ABC News. Republican presidential hopefuls have taken part in a televised debate in the US state of Iowa. Newt Gingrich, the new frontrunner, fought off heavy attacks from rivals who portrayed him as a Washington insider and questioned his judgement.

Meanwhile, correspondents say Mitt Romney may have hurt his campaign by challenging fellow contender Rick Perry to a 10, 6, bet. The debate is the since the campaign began. In January, Iowa will hold the first in a series of state-by-state contests that w. I'll tell you what, 10, bucks?" Romney asked, holding out his hand to seal the deal.

"Ten thousand dollar bet?" "I'm not in the betting business," Perry declared. In June, Romney told a group of unemployed people in Florida that he was also unemployed. Returning to Florida in September, the candidate claimed that he was part of the middle class. Romney told a group of workers at a steel plant in November that federal employees made more than he did.

The former Massachusetts governor has a net worth estimated at up to million. Mitt Romney's wife tells him 'betting is not one of his strengths.' After Saturday's 10, gaffe, on Sunday Romney told about his humble life as a missionary in France. Speaking to reporters after a town hall meeting, Romney made light of the incident Saturday when he offered to bet Texas Governor Rick Perry 10, to prove that what Perry said about Romney's book about Massachusetts' controversial healthcare law was true.

Perry said that in the first edition of his book that Romney wanted to impose a health insurance mandate at the federal level. But Republicans and Democrats alike jumped on Romney, painting the multimillionaire former venture capitalist as out of touch with the concerns of regular Americans.

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He’s going to own that 10, bet line. Nothing else he has said in this debate matters, tweeted Brad Woodhouse, communications director for the Democratic National Committee. Click to invest in courageous progressive journalism today. Just minutes after Romney offered Perry the bet, the DNC fired off an e-mail to reporters listing what 10, means to the average American family more than four months pay, nearly three times a year’s groceries bills, more than a year’s mortgage payments and more than a year’s tuition at a public university.

On the bright side, Romney did NOT offer Perry 10, to sleep with his wife, New York Times blogger Nate Silver wrote in a satirical tweet. Perry said Sunday that he was "taken a little aback" when Romney offered the bet during last night's GOP debate. Rick Perry on Sunday hit fellow-GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney as out of touch with voters for challenging him to a 10, bet.

Perry told Fox News Sunday that he was taken a little aback the previous night when Romney, during a GOP debate, tried to bet Perry over the Texas governor’s allegation that he removed passages of his book showing support for individual health insurance mandates.

"I'm driving out to the station this morning [and] I'm sure I didn't drive by a house that anyone in Iowa would even think about that a 10, bet was possible.

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Perry claimed Romney recommended an individual mandate for the entire nation in his first book, then deleted that recommendation from the next edition of his book. Perry I’m just saying, you’re for it.

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I’ll bet you 10, Perry I’m not a betting man. Bet?" "I'm not in the betting business, but I'll I'll show you the book," Perry said. After the debate, Romney said Ann, his wife, said the former Massachusetts governor did a lot of things well but that betting wasn't one of them.

Perry suggested after the debate that 10, was pocket change for Romney - who is a former. CEO - and that having that kind of money to "throw down" seemed "very out of the ordinary." Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz criticized Romney on Monday for h. So Romney proposed a 10, wager - perhaps unprecedented in presidential debates, although we'll wait for Gingrich to provide the historical background. Romney asked the Texas governor if he'd wager 10, to settle a dispute over his healthcare record and where he stood on the individual mandate.

"I'm just saying, you're for individual mandates, my friend," Perry said to Romney. "Rick, I'll tell you what 10, bucks?" Sadly, Perry didn't want to take the bet, so we never got to learn what the terms were exactly. Instead, Romney quoted from the chapter in which he said that every state should have the opportunity to make its own health care plan.

My colleague Ryan Grim quips "How many people have you met who casually make 10, bets?". Mitt Romney was challenged by Texan evangelist Rick Perry during last night’s Republican debate and responded with a big-money offer.

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Well, Romney definitely splashed, thanks to his bold 10, wager over his belief in an individual mandate for health insurancebut how much do you want to bet Romney wishes he could take back the big-money wager now? After trying so hard to prove to people that he is just a regular guy, multi-millionaire Romney "may have given his GOP rivals and President Obama a gold-plated gift in Saturday’s debate in Iowa," writes the LA Times.

Despite pundits everywhere calling the bet a major gaffe, Romney's supporters refused to call it anything other than a victory. "Mitt Romney knew that Rick Perry wouldn't take the bet because it's a phony attack," a senior Romney advisor told Reuters. "By backing down, Perry looked weak. " But Perry's supporters did not seem worried. Rick, I’ll tell you what, 10, bucks, 10, bet, Romney said, extending a hand.

Perry hesitated, left Romney hanging. I’m not in the betting business. Romney continues to insist that he never posited his mandate as a national solution, but as readers of this site well know, that simply isn’t true. Here’s the clip, from ABC News Update ABC’s Jake Tapper fact checks the bet and has reaction to it below. Elder Of Ziyon elderofziyon 10. Aw, the liar anaminramallah decided to block me instead of making an easy 11 3 55.

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I’m not in the bettin’ business, but I’ll show you the book, Perry replied.

On Sunday, Perry returned to the issue calling Romney out of touch. I’m driving out to the station this morning [and] I’m sure I didn’t drive by a house that anyone in Iowa would even think about that a 10, bet was possible, Perry said.

In his Monday interview, Romney tried to return the focus to President Obama and continued to hit the White House for its handling of the nation’s economy. Romney said Obama and Democrats were trying to deflect blame. The president is the person who’s failed t. Romney's 10, Bet Fallout From the Debate.

Jake Tapper reports on aftermath from ABC News' Iowa debate. Romney's 10, Bet Fallout From the Debate. Only thing worse for Romney there would have been if he - at dollar bill from his pocket. Read one week after all dollars is more than two months income for the average Iowa - - It's threatening the - - it was a little bit out of touch me meanwhile Newt Gingrich is all in agree doubling down on his comments calling the Howard.

- institute and invented people. A 10, bet between Romney and Perry tops chatter at GOP debate.'" Well, Romney' stock is dropping literally The political bettors at the gambling website Intrade think this will hurt Romney, says Nate Silver at The New York Times. Romney's share price, which reflects gamblers' confidence that he'll win the GOP nod, dropped right after the debate, while Newt Gingrich's rose. And really, who thinks that Romney's 10, gaffe will help win over middle-class voters?

His best bet now may be to "blame the news media" for harping on. Mitt Romney said he would bet Rick Perry 10, that a line about health care did not appear in the first version of Romney’s book. Perry said that he read the first edition of Romney’s book that Massachusetts universal health care would work for the rest of the nation but he couldn’t find it later editions.

Romney responded Rick, I’ll tell you what, ten thousand bucks? The DNC already blasted an email thread titled Here’s what the average American family can buy with that 10, and the ABC political analysts said after the debate that this comment had the power to become the viral video of the debate.

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I bet Rick Perry would too, now. If I HAD 10, I'd spend it on other things!I don't believe in gambling. Jon Stewart says Mitt Romney's attempt to bet Rick Perry 10, during a Republican debate makes a little more sense now. On Monday's "Daily Show," he used Romney's tax returns, which he released Tuesday, to calculate that Romney has earned roughly 57, a day, for the past two years, from investments.

That's the kind of money, Stewart said, that might inspire a man to make "stupidly extravagant, out-of-touch impulse bets." But Stewart's real criticism of Romney isn't that he's rich it's how little he pays in taxes. Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney probably didn't bet on becoming the subject of ridicule and his very own Twitter hashtag when he offered rival Rick Perry a 10, wager during Saturday's televised Republican debate in Iowa.

During the debate on ABC News, Romney found himself sparring with Perry over his views on healthcare, with Perry insisting Romney had said in his book No Apologies that he wanted to impose a health insurance mandate at the federal level. Romney turned to Perry to bet cold cash that the Texas governor was wrong. Rick, I'll tell you what, 10, bucks, 10,0. If Mitt Romney fails to get the Republican nomination, it won’t have anything to do with his much criticized 10, bet.

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For those of you who didn’t watch last night’s Republican debate or followed my live blog of that event how could you not?, Mitt Romney offered to bet Rick Perry 10, that Perry’s claim that, in Romney’s autobiography, Romney advocated using the health care law he helped implement in Massachusetts as a model for.

The nation was in fact incorrect. The exchange that precipitated Romney’s seeming spontaneous gesture went like this Romney You know what?.

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Did Romney Get His Bet Idea From "Richie Rich"? Mitt Romney has taken heat for his ill-conceived 10, bet with Rick Perry, but did he steal it from the Macaulay Culkin movie?. Perry looked surprised and responded, I’m not in the betting business.

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Perry had made the same accusation in previous debates. usatomorrow.us and The Washington Post had already previously noted that Perry is taking words from Romney's book out of context to make it sound like he wrote something that he did not write.

Nonetheless, the consensus among many pundits on Sunday was that the exchange hurt Romney. It reinforced the notion that he is so wealthy, they argued, he would be out of touch with the main concerns of average Americans, because most Americans do not have eno. IF you deposit say, 10 usd in BTC and 5 USD in Doge, then you can only withdraw the same amounts in each respective method 10 usd in btc, 5 in doges but if you then were to win,9 USD from your 15 dollars this mathematic gets more diffcult to solve and you have NO assistance from their support team.

"You cannot withdraw funds in the amount of Withdrawals are only possible using the same details that were used to make a deposit. If you deposit money via different payment methods, you should withdraw money in proportion to the amount you have deposited via each payment method.". Romney told Fox News his bet offer was meaningless hyperbole, akin to saying I'll bet you a million bucks.

In a statement, the Democratic National Committee said 10, is almost three times more than what an average family spends on groceries in a year and more than a year's worth of mortgage payments for the typical American home purchased today. Romney's personal wealth and privileged background have long been seen as a potential political vulnerability. He's the son of a former governor and made a fortune leading a venture capital company in Massachusetts.

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Mitt Romney Offers Rick Perry 10, Bet ABC NewsYahoo News Republican Debate Again, hardly no one is criticizing Romney's millions. Good on him for taking the opportunities his father's money gave him and parleying that into a personal fortune. What people are rightfully critical of are his embarrassingly painful attempts to relate to the masses. Sometimes, the 10, revenue mark will be able to generate up to 3, or sometimes, negative.

The odds may be in favor of the house, but that doesn’t mean th Continue Reading. When you play baccarat you should always bet on the banker. It offers the lowest house edge and is the only strategy decision you can make at the table to help you.

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Critics point out that 10, is "chump change" for Romney, but Romney still but himself at risk. If he had lost the bet, Perry could have made a production about cashing a 10, check from a disgraced Romney. Besides, if money were the issue, Perry could have countered with a non-monetary bet. "Loser has to attend the next debate in a clown suit" or something. If politicians had to face real consequences every time they made a false statement, they would have a larger incentive to tell the truth.

It's a shame Romney's bet probably won't catch on.

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Ill bet you 10, not 10, that he wont take the offer. If I were to leave and raise a venture fund, I would have to find 10 or LPs. They would all give me a bunch of money, and I would take a percentage of that to pay myself.

They would expect me to invest that over the next three years, and they want that money back in seven or eight years.

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WASHINGTON AP Mitt Romney is dismissing his offer to make a 10, bet with Rick Perry as merely an outrageous number to answer an outrageous charge namely, Perry's claim that Romney made changes to parts of his usatomorrow.us said Monday he mad.

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Here’s a 10, bet Mitt Romney will stall and stall before opening his tax returns. His strategy is to open the returns after he is officially nominated at the Republican National Convention in August. There seems to be little doubt that Romney is hiding something. Indeed, even a critical piece of his returns has still not been opened to public view. The only question is what Romney is hiding In effect, there are now two potential realities.

The first is that Romney’s off-shore activities don’t reveal any outright illegality but show a host of questionable or politically.

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The fact that Mitt Romney wants to make a 10, bet isn’t a big deal. The fact that Romney and Newt and Perry all the rest of them want to govern the country on behalf of the richthat’s the big deal. The fact that they want to do so at a time of skyrocketing income inequality is a big deal. It’s unlikely Kerry would’ve been a worse president. But it’s also unlikely we’ve learned our lesson.

So no, I don’t care that Mitt Romney is rich. It’s OK with me if he makes the occasional 10, bet. There are plenty of good reasons he shouldn’t be president. His net worth isn’t one of them.

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Romney denied the shift, offering Perry 10, on stage to prove it. Perry shot back that he isn't a betting man knowing he already landed a major blow on his millionaire opponent. Romney appeared out of touch with middle-America, casually wagering a substantial sum of money in a bet. Romney removed the line "We can accomplish the same thing for everyone in the country" from the second edition of his book not quite what Perry claimed.

But expect the wager to become a staple of Democratic and Republican attack ads against Romney as the election cycle continues.

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